Saturday, February 11, 2012


Some political/social issues are difficult to comprehend such as abortion, economics, and war. So, I can understand how some people can have different opinions than mine. Contraception, however, is not such an issue.

I'm just gonna say it straight: the belief that contraception should be illegal, or is somehow immoral is stupid. STUPID! And, quite frankly, dangerous. I cannot understand how someone can think that contraception is bad. It makes no sense whatsoever. On this issue, more so than any other, the Pope is being dumb. In fact, he's being downright childish and silly.

The only thing that might be sillier than believing that contraception is bad is believing that contraception is bad while believing that abortion is bad. Any four year-old, who knows what sex is, knows that contraception decreases abortion. It is beyond obvious.

I just read a tweet by Bill Maher that read something to the effect of: I didn't get laid in high school either. But, you don't see me taking it out on women.

And that is precisely what anti-contraception policies are, they're anti-woman.


  1. Would you consider closing or migrating this blog as it is similarly titled to a business I am endeavors get to create?

    1. Possibly. I haven't been on this blog in awhile. What sort of business were going to create?